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Tinnitus Treatment

What is Tinnitus?

Ringing in the ear, or tinnitus, is a widespread condition that affects an estimated 50 million Americans. Some people describe it as a hissing, roaring, whooshing or buzzing sound instead of ringing. It may be sporadic or constant, and is a symptom of an underlying condition rather than a disease itself. There are many factors that can cause tinnitus.

What are the causes of Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is categorized as being either pulsatile or nonpulsatile.

Pulsatile tinnitus is reported as a sound that follows along with your heartbeat. It is caused by abnormal blood flow within the arteries of the neck or inside the ear, and is fairly rare. 


Nonpulsatile tinnitus is a sound that does not have a rhythm.

Tinnitus is also classified as being either subjective (heard only by the patient) or objective(ringing can be heard by an impartial observer, such as a doctor). Most cases of tinnitus are subjective in nature. There are several factors that may cause tinnitus. To best investigate the cause and what treatments/course of action is best for you please set up an appointment with our audiologist. 

How Is Tinnitus Treated?

Tinnitus can’t be cured, but there are treatments that make it less of a distraction. The approach taken depends on the underlying condition responsible for the ringing in your ears. Sometimes, simple steps like removing built-up earwax can help.

Others benefit from noise suppression therapy or masking techniques designed to cover up the ringing noise. White noise machines, fans, air conditioners and humidifiers are all popular, easy to use options.

Tinnitus is most commonly treated with hearing aids as it is usually a symptom of hearing loss. 

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